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Why India needs to take the “leap” now for Digital Receipts!

In the very first consideration of all the things to worry about, Paper receipts might not steal the top priority in terms of environmental urgency.

Let us change that for you.

To put it into perspective, how significant the problem of paper receipts in India actually is, let's consider the Top 3 giants in the retail market. I mean these are the ones, who literally print ridiculously long receipts. It is estimated that these brands together spend around ₹25+ crores annually on buying paper rolls just to print that paper receipt.

That's :

- ₹6.8 lakhs worth of paper rolls - 1200+ kgs of paper - 300+ kms long paper receipts Just among the top 3 retail chains in India!! EVERY DAY !!

That's the wastefulness of paper receipts for you!

This is just the tip of the Iceberg!!. While over a 20+million outlets are operating in the country across multiple sectors, 95%+ of stores still heavily rely on paper receipts at the end of every transaction. Millions of trees cut down and Billions of liters of water wasted every year. Oh, and not to forget, they’re toxic too, for humans as well as for the environment.

Paper Receipts seem very unobjectionable, but they’re becoming an environmental nightmare. When you think about it on a global scale, the amount of receipt waste is staggering. This waste really adds up year by year and it’s all completely unnecessary. Most receipts are thrown away, and they are not recyclable.

Let me ask you a question :

“How many times a day are you handed a receipt after making a purchase, only to throw it away?”

Now, I understand that all purchases do require proof of purchase, so what are the alternatives? Emails and SMSes right?? They have been around since the last decade, but are they actually working? Are we wasting less paper now? Are we more sustainable now?

Answer: Clearly, not. Though Digital receipts, emailed or sent through SMSes from retailers to customers, are becoming more common, they don't seem to solve the problem.

What's the problem you ask? — Inconvenience!

  • The inconvenience of handing over your email address or your phone number, if you want the digital bill. Customers feel reluctant to provide their personal details as they fear it will enable a company to overwhelm them with promotional messages.

  • The inconvenience while sorting through a ton of emails or SMSes messages when you need that age-old receipt. On average, people tend to lose their receipts over 5 times per month, that they intended to keep. We have all been there, and this is what keeps the consumers from adopting digital receipts completely.

People talk about environmental concerns and easy storage as their top reasons for preferring digital. It’s clear that there is a desire for a paperless bill management system that reduces the waste of over a million trees used to make receipts each year in India.

Indian consumers want retailers to provide a digital receipt option, and younger generations are driving that demand. They need a better product so that they don't have to deal with all those annoying slips of paper that fill up their wallet.

BillMobi is one such Innovative Technology Startup. A complete Digital Receipts Solution that equips businesses with a unique NO-CONTACT transaction technology, helping them to get rid of paper receipts and send the receipt directly across to their customers on their mobile phones.

Customers like digital receipts because, unlike thermal paper receipts, they won’t fade and are convenient to store. In addition, BillMobi provides customers access to services like Reimbursements, Returns, and Warranties on their purchases, in turn reducing more paperwork.

On the other hand, several Forward-thinking retailers are already looking to offer paperless options, as preferred by many younger customers. Given the high cost of paper receipt for businesses and the shift of customer preferences, it makes sense for businesses to offer a digital option for customers who prefer it.

Billmobi offers significant Improvements over traditional Digital receipts solution (i.e., Emails and SMSes ). Apart from saving tons of cash on paper receipts and speed up the checkout process, We also empower businesses to drive future interaction digitally with links to their :

Website Social media Loyalty programs Feedback & Ratings Special announcements

Billmobi helps businesses to boost their online presence, build their social media communities, and significantly improve their Net Promoter scores(NPS).

Bridging the gap between Bussiness and their direct consumers more than ever!

Hey! and let's not forget Branding matters. Improving sustainability leads to a stronger brand. Customers take into consideration a brand’s corporate sustainability reputation and activities when making purchase decisions.

Green solutions are in dire need right now! While end consumers might not be willing to pay higher prices for greener products, they will more likely purchase goods from brands that are more socially responsible.

And well the bottom line is when companies make green options available, it’s good for the environment. It’s not a problem that’s going to be solved ina day or two, but it is something I reckon we’re all going to start hearing more about.

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